Teachers and Staff 

Parent Liaison Hope - Jessica Mangal - 407-656-4673 jessica.mangal@hopecharter.org
Parent Liaison Legacy - Maurio Medley - 407-656-4673  maurio.medley@hopecharter.org

Hope Charter School

Michelle Anderson

Staffing Specialist

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Katherine Barnard

MS/HS Physical Education / Digital Information Technology

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Jason Bass

5th Grade Teacher

Welcome aboard! I was born and raised in Marathon, Florida (Heart of the Florida Keys) ...

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Holly Birko

1st Grade Teacher

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Brelin Corlew

Floating Assistant

Cheryl Corlew

Behavior Tech

Crystal Costa

6th Grade Teacher

Year Started: 2015

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Ken Fisher

Safety & Security Team

Rhonda R Fisher

MTSS Coordinator

Year Started: 2008-2009 School YearDegrees: BS: Math Education;MS: Curriculum Education...

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Emmanuel Flanders

PE Teacher

Jessica Forney

Floating Assistant

Amber Granada

Kindergarten Teacher

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Suzan Henkle

Floating Assistant

Joye Hickey

4th Grade Teacher

This is my second year teaching fourth grade. We work hard in fourth grade but also hav...

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Sherri Holland

Kindergarten Teacher

Year Started: 2007

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Soleil Hughes

1st Grade Teacher

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Christy Hunt

Senior Administrator K-6/Mental Health Designee K-6/SAFE Coordinator 7-12

Year Started: 2014 Degrees: MS in Educational Leadership, BS in Behavioral Scie...

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Renee Hunt

Executive Administrative Assistant

Denise James

2nd Grade Teacher

Year Started: 2001

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Rhonda Johnson

4th Grade Teacher

Cool Teacher

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Brittnee Jones


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Judy Koeck

3rd Grade Teacher

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Tana Kouts

IT-Desktop Support Technician

Crystal Laracuente

5th Grade Teacher

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Laura Lawson

MS/HS Reading Specialist

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Daniela Lewis


Jessica Mangal

ESE Assistant

My name is Jessica Mangal and I am the Parent Liaison and ESE Assistant for K-6th grade...

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Roxanne Marsh

Elementary ESE Teacher

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Stephany Matthews

Safety & Security

Meredith McCaslin

3rd Grade Teacher

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Breianne Medina

3rd Grade Teacher

Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education;Major Endorsements in Math & E...

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Sandy Orris

Testing Coordinator

Janet Pence

4th Grade Teacher

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Alexis Perez


Allen Quain

Principal, Hope Charter School

Even though I started school in Los Angeles, I’m a southern boy born and bred. I ...

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Raquel Quinones

2nd Grade Teacher

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Ally Roebke

Office Manager-Hope Charter School

Stacey Seward

3rd Grade Teacher

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Stephanie Stafford

6th Grade Teacher

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Elizabeth Thomas

Speech Therapist

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Kristin Williams

5th Grade Teacher

Hello there! My name is Kristin Williams. :) My family and I enjoy going to the theme p...

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Tracie Wood


Legacy High School

Bette Barkley

MS/HS Math/Social Studies Teacher

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Katie Barnard

MS/HS Physical Education / Digital Information Technology

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Marge Betts

Reading Specialist

I have had a passion for working with children since I was a child, but only got to rea...

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Dawn Boyd

Events Coordinator

Year Started: 2006

Denise Breit

MS/HS Math/Science Teacher

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Ashley Butler

Physical Education Teacher & Athletic Trainer

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Kristy Castellanos


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John Cooper

MS/HS Social Studies / Alumni Director

Born in Maryland, I spent my summers at Camp Belgrade in Maine.  I ...

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Brenda Coulombe

Art Teacher

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Shonna Dannels

Peer Mediation/Guitar Teacher

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Thomas Edwards

History Teacher

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Terrie England

MS/HS English/Math

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Lindsey Glinski

MS/HS Social Sciences

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Katie Guthrie


  Year Started: 2012

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Lorraine Hartsfield

Teaching Assistant

David Hill

MS/HS Science Teacher

Florida Certifications: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Agriscience Year Started at...

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Christy Hunt

Safe Coordinator

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Russell Hunt

Athletic Director

Welcome! I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and moved to Florida when I was 5 years old. I...

Sally Kraus

HS/MS Math Teacher

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Amanda Locuson

English Teacher

My name is Amanda Locuson, this will be my 6th year teaching. It will be my first year ...

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Jeremy Mangal

Teaching Assistant

Maureen Mannion

Debate Teacher

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Jaime McClung

Math Teacher

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Jill Medley

Dean/PE Teacher

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Maurio Medley

Algebra Teacher

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Lilly Moses


Katherine Muniz

English Teacher and NHS Advisor

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Catherine Perez

Science Teacher

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Nicole Pester

Teaching Assistant

Betsy Quain

High School Science Teacher

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Alexis Reedy

Teaching Assistant

Arlene Scott

Testing Coordinator

Rex Stacey

MS/HS Language Arts Teacher

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Phillip Stucky

History/Economics/Journalism/Yearbook Teacher

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Maria Tirado-Sanchez

Spanish Teacher

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Roberta VanHouten

Senior Administrator/Teacher

After working for Florida Hospital for many years as an ICU/CCU nurse I was given an op...

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Josh Watson

PE Teacher

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Melissa Wiggers

Testing Coordinator

Nicole Wilder

Math Teacher

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Jake Yoakum

Safety & Security Team

Mike Yoakum

HS Leadership

Born in Alabama (by the grace of God - 17 national championships - just sayin'...

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