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Marge Betts

Reading Specialist

Welcome!  Come in and visit for awhile.

The 2023/24 school year promises to be exciting and challenging at the same time.  Welcome back to all students, especially to those who were virtual in the previous year.  I wish you a very successful, safe and happy new school year.

My Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Classes:  11th Grade Intensive Reading: Google class code lbixric

                  10th Grade Intensive Reading:Google class code 4su32ug

                  12th Grade Intensive Reading:Google class code zgkfakv

                    9th Grade Intensive Reading:Google class code foq45gp


I have had a passion for working with children since I was a child, but only got to realize my dream after working in the corporate world for over twenty years.  I began with Hope Charter within two weeks after the inaugural school year began.  My excitement for teaching today is as strong today as it was in my first year.  This year is no different.  I am thrilled to be working with these students and intend to challenge them to become the best that they can be in all subjects. 

I am a wife, mother and a grandmother of three.   I am a Christian and I have attended Our Savior Lutheran Church for many years.  I have various hobbies, but my favorite is reading.  I also love music, art, gardening, cooking, writing, and just spending time with friends and loved ones.

In all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life, teaching has been the highlight of my time on earth and I will continue to have the best interest of  the students in my care.

Year Started: 2001


Reading is essential and wonderful!  The struggling readers might disagree with me, but you will hardly find a career where reading is non-essential.  Gammer?  Computer programmer? Locksmith? Lawyer? Dentist? Professional Shopper?  You name it, everyone should be able to read with comprehension.  That is where my job comes in.  This year I am working with seventh and eighth grade students and supporting ninth graders as well.  It is amazing and rewarding to see how these students have progressed over the years and how much they have gained.  Seeing them through different lenses gives me a new perspective and a new lease on life.  I am happy to serve in this capacity because I believe that teaching reading will make the difference in our world in the present and in years to come!


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Variety's the very spice of life, that gives it all it's flavour.

William Cowper

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