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Legacy Dual Enrollment

The deadline for Legacy Applications is one month prior to the opening of Valencia's enrollment.  For the Fall of 2019 Legacy applications are due by January 28 and will be available at the front desk on January 14th.  If approved, your application to Valencia is due by March 25th and the test score deadline is April 15th.  If not approved you may appeal to the Legacy DE Committee in writing within one week of notification.  Appeals received after one week will not be accepted. 

Dual Enrollment is a tuition free opportunity for Juniors and Seniors in High School to earn college credit while finishing their high school requirements. Currently we have agreements with Valencia College in Orange County and Lake Sumter State College in Lake County. 

Once a student has completed their application for Dual Enrollment, our committee will evaluate their academic and motivational readiness for the increased academic rigor and decreased accountability of college. Our main goal is to allow students to taste success in college without being overwhelmed.

In order to ensure their success, we have created an extensive process which allows teachers who know the students to give feedback about all the factors that go into being successful in college...beyond grades. In the past, students who have exemplified high success in the high school curriculum have failed in the college setting. We are committed to individual evaluations and individual course selections.

Indicators that a student is equipped for college level work are considered including the following:

EOC/FCAT/FSA results 

Habits of Scholarship (diligence as a student)

MAP results/Lexile level 

Community Service Hours

GPA: required 3.0

Attendance/support for Legacy Standards

Teacher recommendations including a long term project evaluation

Applications are available at the Legacy office. Completed applications are due one month prior to the opening of Valencia's enrollment for each semester and must be submitted to the Legacy office. Mrs. VanHouten is available by appointment to advise candidates on the process of application and selection of classes after students are approved. All classes selected must apply toward high school and college credit, and eligibility for college level courses are determined by the students PERT scores. Since Dual Enrollment courses are college level courses, the amount of work necessary to succeed may be much greater than in high school courses and course grades become a part of a student's permanent college transcript and GPA. Legacy High School reserves the right to set appropriate boundaries for Dual Enrollment and selection of classes. 

Once our Dual Enrollment committee has released class load decisions, candidates are permitted to write a letter of appeal to the committee. An appeal must be received within one week of the release of the committee's original decision and be based on current performance and college readiness. The decision of the committee is final after the first appeal for the upcoming enrollment period. Each candidate has the opportunity to heed the academic advice of the committee and reapply for the following enrollment period.

If a student who has been approved for Dual Enrollment is found to have academic or behavioral integrity issues at Legacy or in their Dual Enrollment classes we reserve the right to deny the student further courses at the college level. 

Occasionally, students who are enrolled in Dual Enrollment classes find that the amount or rigor of work required is beyond what they anticipated and they desire to drop a class or multiple classes. Any student who drops a class after the second week of the semester will be evaluated to determine the level of participation the student may enroll in the following semester. Legacy reserves the right to deny the student any further courses at the college level. Any student who is dropped from a course by their professor may continue courses they are currently enrolled in but they will not be allowed to re-enroll in any further Dual Enrollment courses.  Likewise, a student who earns a D or F in a college class will be able to complete any other course work they are enrolled in that semester, but will not be allowed to enroll in any further course work through Dual Enrollment.


For more information feel free to check out:

Tuition Free: Dual Enrollment is tuition free to approved students. Students may purchase books in the Campus Book Store and submit original receipts for reimbursement.  Rented books cannot be reimbursed.

PERT stands for Postsecondary Education Readiness Test and is one of the assessments that determine college placement. For more information about the PERT or other tests accepted check out

Scores required to enroll in college level classes

  • College Algebra requires a PERT score of 123 (21 on the ACT)(500 on the old SAT/530 on the new Math Section of the SAT or 26.5 on the new SAT Math Test)
  • Freshman Comp. requires a PERT score of 106 (20 on the ACT)(440 on the old SAT/ 24 on the new SAT)
  • Note: SAT changed its testing and reporting format March 2016.