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U.S. History 11 Syllabus

United States History
Grade 11
Mr. John Cooper

School year: 2020-2021
Textbook: The American Vision

Course Description:

Students will learn about the history of the United States beginning with a review of the colonial era through the Civil War and Reconstruction (8th grade U.S. History) and continuing in more detail through industrialization, urbanization, political and social reform, and the beginnings of internationalism. Emphasis will be placed on the political development of institutions and traditions, the continuing development of a unique American character, and the influences of isolationism and internationalism. Special attention will be given to the World Wars, increasing centralization of political power, Great Depression, Cold War, Civil Rights movement, Vietnam Conflict, and international terrorism.


Grading will be based on a running total, expressed as the percent of total points earned out of the total number of possible points during the quarterly grading period. All points will be of equal weight and will constitute 85% of the quarterly grade. Grading opportunities will include tests and quizzes, homework assignments, projects, oral reports, and papers. A variety of extra credit opportunities will be offered. Class participation will account for 15% of the quarterly grade.


Students should expect to have homework almost every night. The majority of these assignments will be reading assignments. Reading assignments require the student to know and understand the material in the assignment, and may require more than one reading and the taking of notes. All written assignments must be typed/printed. Many assignments and projects will require Internet use, and access to a printer. If there are any questions or problems, see the teacher at the first opportunity.

The standing homework assignment will always be to review, correct, and if necessary, re-write notes from class or previous reading assignments. Also, if unsure of the assignment, students should read the next section in the textbook, unless there is a test the following day.


Parents may contact me at the school by email. Parents will receive a reply at the first opportunity. Parents are encouraged to provide me with the email address at which they prefer to be contacted. My email address is: johncooper@prodigy.net.

A special website has been established for students in this class. It will contain weekly assignments, instructions and information about projects and papers, links to other sites helpful for this class, a discussion area where students may find extra credit opportunities, and a chat room. The teacher will be available in this chat room most evenings at 7:30 p.m., or any another time selected by the students. This is a private, monitored chat room that requires a password, and can be entered only through this site.

Extra Help and Tutoring:

I will make myself available whenever possible to help students. Please do not hesitate to ask for help whenever needed or desired. I am available for tutoring every day after class (excluding faculty meetings, school events and personal/medical appointments), as well as the chat room mentioned above. I strongly encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity.

Computers in the classroom will contain practice tests to help students prepare for upcoming tests and exams. Students will be able to make use of this resource during class and on free time during the day and after school.


Students will need a notebook (not spiral) that allows pages to be removed, rearranged, or replaced. They may use pencils or pens (other than red) for tests and assignments.  Students should bring their notebooks to class every day. In addition, students will need access to a computer and printer.

I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as I am. It is going to be a great year!

John Cooper

MS/HS Social Studies / Alumni Director

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