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Civil War Battle Report

Civil War Battle Report (8th Grade)

  1. Why the battle happened

    1. Was the battle intentional or accidental?
    2. If it was intentional, what was the plan/goal of the attacker?
    3. Was this battle caused by economic, political or diplomatic pressure?
    4. Was this battle the result of a previous battle?
  2. The Generals

    1. Explain how the commanding generals affected the outcome of this battle
    2. Was the commanding general a good or bad general, smart, stupid, rash, cautious, experienced, able, excitable? Did he handle troops well? How did his being the commander effect the final outcome of the battle. Give examples.
    3. Although biographical information will be included, this is not a biography of the generals.
  3. Flow of Battle

    1. On a map, using visual aids, show the flow of the battle.
    2. Describe the course of the battle while showing it visually.
  4. Results

    1. What were the results of this battle?
    2. How did this battle influence/affect the outcome of the war?
    3. Did either side gain/lose an advantage/disadvantage as a result of this battle?
    4. Did this battle lead to another battle later?


  • 50% of the grade will be based on the information presented.
  • 50% of the grade will be based on the actual presentation. How well the student got the information across to the audience.
  • Students may do/use anything appropriate to the classroom.
  • Other information may be included beyond that required and will add to the final grade if all required information is included.
  • Students must speak to the class.
  • They may not read directly from notes or recite from memory.
  • They will be required to answer questions at the end of the presentation.
  • Students may have notes and refer to them.
  • Reports will be presented starting March 23, 2020.


Order of Reports: (2020-2021)


  1. Petersburg  (Reagan Williams) 
  2. Gettysburg  (Catherine Green)
  3. Shiloh  (Jackson Ritter)
  4. Chancellorsville  (Donald Cary, Garrison Cooper)
  5. Gettysburg  (Jayden Sibbitt)
  6. Gettysburg  (Samuel Barclay)
  7. Petersburg  (Julian Perez, Cole Poorman)
  8. Antietam  (Vishal Setaram)
  9. Antietam  (Rachel Alexander, Charlotte Lynch)
  10. Petersburg  (Camila Mellado)
  11. Bull Run  (Bailey Wright)
  12. Federicksburg  (Ella Burnette, Addison Huff)
  13. Fredericksburg  (Faith Roop)
  14. Fredericksburg  (Mackenzie Neuman)
  15. Vicksburg  (Kennedy Riggins)
  16. Antietam  (Casey Congdon, Matthew Kelly)
  17. Vicksburg  (Mario Gomez)
  18. Shiloh  (Jeff Hilaire)


  1. Gettysburg  (Elizabeth Memon) 
  2. Gettysburg  (Ryan Rushing)
  3. Bull Run  (Zane Arrowwood)
  4. Chancellorsville  (Bowen Overton)
  5. Petersburg  (Kendall Johnson, Emma Riewerts)
  6. Antietam  (Rogan Brown)
  7. Fredericksburg  (Nelmarie Gonzalex-Tirado)
  8. Vicksburg  (Brenden Shaw)
  9. Chancellorsville  (Jayla Hunter-Castle, Hannah Rittenberry)


  1. Gettysburg  (Bryce Counts)
  2. Gettysburg  (Stefanie Donahay, Addison Sims)
  3. Shiloh  (Paige Maldonado)
  4. Gettysburg  (Ethan DeVore)
  5. Petersburg  (Shamar Brooks, Tyler Campbell)
  6. Vicksburg  (Logan Stimmell) 
  7. Fredericksburg  (Owen Scott)
  8. Chancellorsville  (Alejandro Guerrero)
  9. Petersburg  (Jacob Rambarran)
  10. Petersburg  (Ashlyn Kraus)


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