General Links

  • Columbia Encyclopedia
  • Country Reports - Useful and interesting facts on every country, including flags, anthems, statistics and much more. A good place to begin on any assignment.
  • Encarta (Free) Encyclopedia - Not as free as it claims, Encarta offers a number of free online articles and fairly detailed atlas. Many of the articles are reserved for paying customers. Still, worth a visit.
  • InfoPlease - This site provides access to a dictionary, encyclopedia (Columbia, 5th ed.), and all sorts of almanacs: geographical and historical, sports and entertainment, science and technology, and more. Filled with all sorts of general information from weights and measures to lists of earthquakes, you can find almost anything here. Also provides a search function in case you do not know where to go which searches their almanacs, encyclopedia, and dictionary.
  • Virtuology - A good source of articles and links on many subjects.

Civil War Sites

Geography Sites

  • 50 States - Information on all 50 states, including facts, graphics and links to other sites.
  • CIA World Factbook - The CIA World Factbook contains detailed information on the geography, demographics, government, and economies of countries, territories, and regions of interest to the US.
  • Country Reports - Useful and interesting facts on every country, including flags, anthems, statistics and much more. A good place to begin on any assignment.
  • Netstate Geography Site - All sorts of information about each state, including history, land, climate, people, history, symbols and much more.
  • State Travel & Tourism Offices - A list of links to the official state travel and tourism offices.
  • U.S. State Flags - Displays of every state, territorial and commonwealth flag, as well as links to sites showing historical flags and historical documents.
  • World Flag Database - The flags of every nation are shown and discussed, along with basic facts of each nation. A good place to start.

Official U.S. Government Sites

Search Engines/Directories

  • Google - The best and easiest search engine on the web.
  • Yahoo! - The most popular web directory service.

Travel Sites

These sites will help you with your Vacation Project.

U.S. History/Government Sites

  • 270 to Win - An interactive map showing the electoral count according to current polls. You can change states from one side to the other, or to undecided, and see the change in the electoral total. It also produces the electoral vote maps of previous elections, and shows you the voting history of each state as you click on it.
  • Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections - A complete atlas of results from past presidential elections as well as great information on the current political situation. A thorough resource for research, trivia, and general information.
  • Findlaw Constitution Site - Outline, review and history of the U.S. Constitution, covering each article and amendment.
  • Great Source American Government - Great Source's online almanac. This site features presidential and state government information, maps, and documents.
  • National/Historical American Flags - This site shows the evolution of the American flag as well as other flags used throughout our history. It also provides links to American historical documents.
  • PBS Vote 2004 - An interactive electoral map shows recent votes as well as trends i each state. Change states from one candidate's column to another to see how the outcome changes. Other links let you follow other key races as well as presidential campaign coverage from PBS Newshour.
  • - A truly unique site with information on the presidential race and candidates, plus a wealth of historical information. Also information on federal, state and local races, newsletters, statistics, and more. A bookstore and shop, complete with a section on political buttons rounds out a politico's fantasy.
  • Presidents & First Ladies - The best site for original articles, discussion, trivia, and great links on Presidents, Vice Presidents, First Ladies, candidates, and all things presidential.
  • Smithsonian National Museum of American History - The National Museum of American History at the Smithsonain Museums site allows you to tour the many interesting and informative exhibits. A great resource for many topics and a fun site to explore.
  • The American Presidency by Grolier - Grolier Encyclopedia articles on the presidency including biographies of each President, Vice President and First Lady.
  • U.S. Historical Documents - This site provides the text of most of the important historical documents in American history, listed in chronological order.
  • U.S. History - An excellent resource for U.S. History facts, maps, tables, lists and people. Sections on eras, maps, tables and more. A full text search feature makes it easy to find information on people in history.

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