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                        School Year 2021-2022  

      Hi, I am Betsy Quain. I have been teaching twenty plus years. My background is in Nursing. I earned a B.S.N. from East Carolina University in North Carolina. I worked Public Health which covered many areas, but my main focus was with children. I transitioned into teaching when my own children were younger and continue to pursue the field. I love working with students and believe that every child has potential.

Google Classroom.  All information and assignments for your  course will be found on Google Classroom. Assignments will be turned in to this site.

Google Classroom Codes:

1st--  Biology Honors:                                   dwhbatn 

2nd-- Anatomy/Physiology Honors:            hmgpqia

3rd -- Anatomy/Physiology Honors:            a6rdu4c

4th--Earth/Space Science:                            gj4buy3

6th--Biology:                                                   temsugz     

7th--Biology:                                                   bvh46nc


                                                              Science Syllabus-2021-2022

Welcome to Mrs. Quain’s Science Class. This syllabus will cover the courses of Anatomy/Physiology, Biology, and Earth/Space Science. It will be a pleasure to have you in my class this year. I am looking forward to a fun year of learning. The following is a guideline that will help you with questions and expectations.

Contact Information: betsy.quain@hopecharter.org  

For parents:  E-mail or Call the Legacy Office (407-656-4673) and leave a message and phone number with the staff for a return call or an appointment.

For students:  Personal contact during class, at lunch, or before and after school. Use E-mail, as necessary, and teacher web site concerning assignments.  GoogleClassroom.

Classroom Guidelines

Covid Guidelines will be followed on the school campus.

The student is expected to be in his/her seat at the beginning of each class.

NO getting out of seats without permission Raise your hand for assistance.

Books, pens, pencils, paper, and other needed supplies must be brought to class. You may not go back to your locker.

Bathroom use is done before class, not while class instruction is going on. Use during class needs to be reserved for emergencies only.

RESPECT will be shown at ALL times.

KINDNESS is expected. Bullying or making fun of others is NOT appropriate.

School guidelines and dress code as specified in the student handbook will be followed. Please read the Parent-Student Handbook.


Late assignments and tardiness will result in written referrals to the Dean of Students for instruction and possible detention.

Coming to class without books or needed utensils will result in a written referral.

Any form of disrespect or “bullying” will result in the student being sent to the Dean of Students. ASSIGNMENTS

All homework assignments are due completed and on time at the beginning of the class period. Any paper that is turned in after the class period is considered late and 10 points will be automatically deducted per day up to 5 days. After 5 days, late work is not accepted. The only exception to this follows the guidelines of the parent/student handbook. Assignments, including tests, quizzes, and projects that were given in advance with a due date, will still be due on the due date unless special permission is given by the instructor. All work must be done in blue or black ink. Occasionally, pencil will be required.

*Notebooks will be required and checked on a routine basis for organization and a grade.


Students are required to have a 10 in. x 7 7/8 in. journal notebook. This will be turned in weekly with a written summary to a journal entry assigned by the teacher. The entry must be dated. All writing must be done in complete sentences, correct spelling, and must be grammatically correct. The assignment will be given on Friday and must be turned in on the first day of the school week. The compiled journal points for the quarter will be tallied and count as a test grade for the nine weeks. Journal entries are not optional. This grade will not be excluded at the end of the nine week grading period. Journals turned after assigned due date are considered late. (More Instruction will be given concerning the guidelines on Journal entries using Google Classroom.)

Extra Credit

Every student has the privilege of earning extra credit every quarter. The student must read and bring in a current science event that is happening in the news. Anything that is going on in science is acceptable. The student must read the article, write a summary of the article, and conclude with the student’s opinion of the article. The student can turn in up to 5 per quarter for a total of 25 possible points. The earned points will be added to a lowest grade in need. The articles may be turned in as instructed up through the end week 5 of the quarter.

Supplies Needed

Biology ALL; Anatomy –See *: Earth/Space

2 inch, 3 ring binder with dividers for the binder

Loose leaf notebook paper *

Pens - blue/black/green*; Pencils* ; Color Pencils*

Journal--Small Composition Book

Grading Scale

10 POINT Grading Scale will be used as described in the Handbook.

100-90 = A ;   89-80 = B;  79-70 = C;  69-60 = D; 59-50 = F

Grading Percentages

TESTS                                    50%

QUIZZES                                 25%


HOMEWORK                           10%

EOC - End of Course Exams

During the 2010 Legislative session, Governor Crist signed Senate Bill 4, Relating to Educational Accountability, into law authorizing the implementation of End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments in several courses.

Now Biology  will have an EOC that is scheduled to take place in April/May of 2021. The exact date will be announced later. The EOC will count for 30% of the grade for the year.

There are a number of resources available to the student to be prepared for the EOC. They are as follows:

One excellent resource is the Escambia County EOC Review Website.

Biology 1: Florida EOC Coach Workbook
Visit www.FLVS.net/EOC, Florida Virtual School, to access EOC information and resources.

Download the Electronic Practice Assessment Tool (ePAT). All students are required to take the 12-item practice test before taking the EOC Assessment. This practice test will help your student gain familiarity with the types of questions and test functionality.
Encourage your student to attend Biology 1 review sessions with FLVS, Florida Virtual School. Visit the website www.FLVS.net/EOC for more information.

***I cannot stress enough how essential it is for you, as a student, to be proactive in your preparation for EOC Exams. This should be happening all year. Please make use of these resources, as well as others, to further your knowledge and understanding.






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