Menu, Nutrition & Health

MENU:  Hope Charter School and Legacy Charter High School follow a healthy eating plan.  Students can pack or purchase a hot lunch through our lunch coordinator Nicole pester.  [email protected]

K-1 November Menu

2-12 November Menu

K & 1 November/December/January

2-12th November/December/January

K-1 January/February Menu

2-12 January/February Menu

K & 1 Feb 6th-March 2nd Menu

2nd-12th Feb 6th-March 2nd Menu

K & 1 March Menu

2nd-12th March Menu

K & 1 April 3rd-28th Menu

2nd-12th April 3rd-28th Menu

K& 1 May Menu

2nd-12th May Menu

NUTRITION:  For information on Hope's/Legacy's nutrition policies, please click:  Nutrition Guidelines

HEALTH:  The state of Florida offers health insurance programs that cover children from birth through age 18. For information on the programs and how to apply, please click here:  It is important that all children have health insurance coverage. If your children do not, please check out KidCare to see if this is something that will work for you and your family.