Legacy Charter High School

2017-2018 Bell Schedule

Before Care:  6:30-6:45a.m. *Extended Day fees will apply.

7th-12th Arrival time:  6:45a.m.

1st period:  7:15-8:05

2nd period:  8:08-8:58

3rd period: 9:01-9:51

4th period: 9:54-11:09

          10th & 11th & 12th Lunch 9:54-10:19

           7th & 8th Lunch 10:44-11:09

5th period: 11:12-12:27

           9th Lunch 12:00-12:27

6th period:  12:30-1:20

7th period 1:23-2:13

8th period 2:16-3:06

After Care 3:30-6:00p.m. *Extended Day fees will apply. 

Sports Apparel Sale

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

It is almost time for our annual fundraiser in the gym. This year it will be Thursday, Nov. 9th through Saturday the 11th. This is a great chance to load up on volunteer hours for Legacy and get a head start on finding some of the great deals! Here is what we will need: THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH – As soon as the gym is free (5 or 6PM) we will unload the truck with all of the inventory to put in the gym. Tables will be set up, racks built and clothes hung up or folded to be put out. As soon as the set up is over if you want you can do your shopping. Like in years past, you get 20% off for helping out. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH – The sale will be from 8am – 6pm. We need kids to help customers, keep inventory neat, and provide extra “eyes” for security… We also will need kids to go into the community passing out fliers at stores, the WG flea market, etc. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11TH – 8am – 5PM – same needs as Friday but at 6PM we need every kid and family to help break everything down and load th


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